Software Development

Custom Web, Windows, or Mobile Applications, Real-time Telemetry and Control Systems

Server Administration

Hardware / Software specification, installation, setup, Load Balancing (balance, haproxy, nginx, varnish), Web Server (apache, lighttpd, nginx), PHP (4+, CLI, PHP-FPM, HHVM), DNS (bind, mydns, powerdns), Email (postfix, sendmail, Courier, Dovecot), SQL (MariaDB, MySQL, MSSQL), etc.

Current Projects

Project: Phalanges
Started: Jan 2015 | Status: Active Development
Project: Titan
Started: Feb 2013 | Status: Stable


Mississippi State University
Starkville, MS 1996-1998
Worked as Computer Science tutor for the MSU Athletic Dept.
Member, Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
Holmes Community College
Goodman, MS 1994-1996
Presidential Full Scholarship based on 32 ACT
(ACT 32 out of 35, equivalent to 33 out of 36 on the current scale)
Member, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Other Experience

I have been actively programming since 1989. My first commercial software was one of the first audio editing programs available (with a DOS text UI and an ASCII-art audio waveform) for the Alabama Radio Network, and was also sold to several radio stations.
I have developed applications for DOS, Windows, Linux, and embedded hardware (for telemetry and control of remote sites).
Programming Languages:
  • BASIC (***)
  • C/C++ (*)
  • C# (**)
  • CoBOL (*)
  • ForTran (*)
  • Java (*)
  • JavaScript (***)
  • Pascal (*)
  • Perl (*)
  • PHP (****)
(* exposed, ** familiar, *** good, **** expert)