James Bush

Current Projects

PCSS (CSS Pre-processor)

Status: Experimental

Titan Library 5.6

Status: Stable

Titan Library 7.0

Status: Development

Titan Platform II

Status: Planning

Server Administration

Hardware / Software specification, installation, setup, and maintenance.

Linux Servers:

Load Balancing and High-Availablilty Reverse Proxy: NGiNX (Recommended), Balance, HAProxy, Varnish

Firewall: Netfilter (iptables, FirewallD, ShoreWall)

Web Server: NGiNX (Recommended), Apache, Lighttpd

PHP: PHP7 in PHP-FPM mode (Recommended), PHP 4 - 7, CLI, PHP-FPM, HHVM

DNS: Hosted DNS (Recommended), Local Bind, MyDNS, PowerDNS

Email: Hosted Email (Recommend Microsoft or Google), Sendmail MTA, Postfix MTA, Courier MTA; Dovecot imap/pop3, UWash imap/pop3

SQL: MariaDB (Recommended Drop-in MySQL Replacement), MySQL, MSSQL

Windows Servers:

Server Software: AD, LDAP, DNS, MSSQL, IIS, etc.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) & Application Sharing: Azure, Citrix, VMware Horizon, XenDesktop

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): Dynamix NAV, Macola ES

These are software technologies that I actually use, or have used in the past; I will install and setup whatever you need.

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Software Development

Custom Applications Web, Windows, or Mobile Applications, Real-time Telemetry and Control Systems.

Programming Languages:

College Only: CoBOL, ForTran, Pascal

Platform Development: BASIC, C, C++, C#, Java

Web Development: JavaScript (Angular and jQuery), Perl, PHP

Web Technologies:

HTML 5, CSS 3, API Creation and Consumption (REST, SOAP, RPC), API Formats (JSON, JSONP, XML)

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Mississippi State University

Starkville, MS 1996-1998

Worked as Computer Science tutor for the MSU Athletic Dept.

Member, Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)

Holmes Community College

Goodman, MS 1994-1996

Presidential Full Scholarship based on 32 ACT

Member, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (ΦΘΚ)

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Employment History

On Time Distribution, LLC

Contractor: Apr 2014 - Jan 2015

It was my responsibility to perform remote IT management for this company's South Carolina warehouse.

Members Only Entertainment, LLC

Owner/Manager: Feb 2012 - July 2013

At this point, I was successful enough to take an extended vacation. During that time, for fun, I opened "House of Cards", a collectible card game and board game store.

Filters-NOW.com, Inc.

IT Manager, Software Developer, and Systems Administrator

Contractor: Feb 2013 - Mar 2014

Employee: 2003 - Dec 2011

Contractor: Sep 1999 - 2003

My responsibilities were to manage the IT infrastructure and staff, build and maintain the server farm, and develop and maintain an ecommerce software platform.

I built a custom web-based (LAMP) ecommerce platform and supporting applications, including a shopping cart with support for customized items, wholesale pricing, and promotions, a fulfillment system with support for blind-shipping, product and order feed integrations, PPC tracking, and many, many others.

I integrated our web platform with various systems, internal and external, including a Windows ERP system, FedEx and UPS shipping software, and many remote services. I also wrote other Windows applications including a time clock scanner integrated with our web-based staff manager, and warehouse programs to print labels, pick tickets by location, and customized blind-ship packing sheets.

Advanced Wireless Systems, Inc.

Systems Administrator

April 1999 - August 2000

My responsibilities included building and maintaining a Cisco network with Linux, Solaris and Windows NT servers, and managing the technical support personnel.

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Current Projects
Server Administration
Software Development
Employment History

Titan Integration